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Adopted Govt.School

We are happy and proud to announce that we got the letter signed and allowance by the Deputy Director of Elementary Education to adopt a government school in Nagrota Himachal. We can start to work officially on the improvement of indias government schools plus implementing our planned kindergarden to create a fun and beautiful place to learn and explore for the ones who are less fortune and belong to the families below povery line who can not send their children to private schools.

Thank you Vishal Sharma and The Business Master for supporting us in every step we take.

Indias government schools are by far not as advanced as their private schools . While private schools offer their students every facilities government schools are still struggling to to offer a nice environment for learning. If parents earn enough to afford their children's education they send their children to private schools which makes about 29% of Indias children. Government schools Offer free education and food but are lacking the budged for a nice environment not able to provide even toilets in some cases.

If you want to read more about indias educational system click the link below.

Lots of love
Karan and Saskia

So any one who is interested in joining hands with us they are most welcome